Wedding Photography

Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Photography




Q: I would like you to shoot my wedding, how do I start the process?

A: You can reach me through my contact form along with your wedding date and venue if already booked. I can respond by email or phone. If possible, I would like to meet you both in person so we can make sure we are a great fit and ask each other everything we need to know. Once you’ve decided to choose me as your photographer, I will send a contract for you to sign and and return with a retainer for your date.

Q: Can you hold a date for me?

A: I am sorry that I cannot hold the date or pencil you in.  To be fair to everyone, I require a retainer for your date and the rest of the fee to be paid before the wedding day.

Q: Can we pay you part of the amount after the wedding?

A: I do require full payment prior to the event.  Payment for overtime, album upgrades and additional products outside the package is due post-wedding.  If you have any concerns, just let me know.

Q: How far should we book in advance?

A: 12 months in advance or as soon as you have a date and venue. Popular dates fill up fast, but always check with me for availability.

Q: Will you be shooting the wedding?

A: Yes. You are hiring me to shoot the wedding, not another photographer working under my name.

Q: Do you shoot with an assistant?

A: I almost always shoot with an assistant/2nd photographer with rare exceptions. This frees me up to focus on shooting and looking for special moments while ensuring that between the two of us, we don’t miss the important ones. The 2nd shooter offers a different, but complementary perspective and allows us to work efficiently throughout the entire day.  

Q: Where are you based?

A: I am based in Petawawa, ON, Canada. If you aren’t in any of these locations, please read the next question.

Q: Do you travel?

A: I love to travel and shoot in new locations.  I also travel for destination weddings.  Let me know where you are and we’ll figure out the best way to get me out to you.

Q: When should we do the wedding portraits?

A: This is mostly up to you, but usually a couple of hours before the ceremony or immediately following the ceremony. Shooting before the ceremony allows you to check one more thing off the day’s to-do list early on and, more importantly, to afford you and the wedding party a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests. Shooting after the ceremony, depending on the time, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and its softer light.

Q: Do you take getting-ready shots?

A: These are some of my favourite photographs to capture. The energy and excitement of everyone moving about is there, but I can also capture the calm and solemn moments when the couples thinks about their wedding vows, the friends and family around them, and everything leading up to and away from this moment.

Q: Do you shoot in RAW?

A: Yes. RAW allows me to get the best quality and image detail when I am processing the photos.

Q: Do you shoot in B&W?

A: I love B&W photographs. There is something so timeless about them. Since I shoot digital, this allows me to decide after the fact whether I want to process the image in B&W or Colour.

Q: Can some of our photos be delivered in B&W and Colour?

Images delivered in B&W are only available in B&W.  If you want more colour photographs in your collection, just let me know.  I am happy to accommodate.

Q: When will I get to see my wedding photos?

A: Your photos will generally be ready within 2-4 weeks following the wedding. I go through a careful process of choosing the best images from the day and processing each of them with individual attention.

Q: How many pictures will we receive?

A: The number of photographs delivered will depend on many factors.  An average 9 hour wedding day will typically deliver 500 photographs.

Q: Do we get the copyright to the images?

A: Many photographers have a “copyright release”or a “print release” in their contracts.  This gives you the ability to print your photographs at any lab you wish for personal use.  This is not the same as obtaining copyright.  Copyright means that I am the creator and transfers are not possible.  Feel free to print and share with family and friends!

Q: What resolution are the digital files we will receive?

A: Every photograph is processed and delivered as a high-resolution file for printing up to an 8x10 print size.  Any images that require larger print sizes will be professionally retouched and delivered at maximum resolution for any print size.  Retouching ranges from $10-$25 per image.

Q: Do you shoot video?

A: Unfortunately, I do not offer this service.

Q: Do you offer albums?

A: Yes. I offer custom-designed heirloom albums along with a selection of other a la carte products.

Q: Who chooses the photographs in the album?

A: I do offer album design as a courtesy to you! I usually have you choose 75-100 photographs you feel will tell your story and I will design the album and send it back to you to proof and make any changes before ordering.

Q: Will you post the photographs online?

A: I generally will post about every shoot on my blog and possibly my portfolio.  If you want to keep your photographs private, that is no problem at all.